"Soundful vibrations" on the wavebalance®

A movement, touch and sound experience to revitalize, harmonize and energize.

Manuela Sonntag has developed this wavebalance® lounger on the basis of profound inner knowledge, the latest scientific findings and deep conviction as a valuable contribution to a harmonious whole:

"The wave is the primal movement of water - Experience the sensual rhythm of vibration. Your self-healing powers are activated automatically - return to your natural balance. When the primal element of water vibrates in gentle waves, healing and renewing effects can unfold and contribute to deep regeneration and stable sustainability. It touches all aspects of the human being and leads to a harmonious interplay of body, soul and spirit - an ancient path to regeneration and wholeness.

Sound wave transmission in water brings every single cell into a gentle vibration. Simultaneous feeling and hearing combined with the therapist's art of touch can merge into a unique experience. Touching moments of arrival and being uplifted.

As the antennae of perception become more sensitive, you immerse yourself in a space of stillness and trust, the path to inner peace and love for your own BEING."

WaveCare ritual

approx. 35 min60 €

Be loose and light

The new dimension of whole-body treatment for more freedom of movement and well-being.
During this full-body relaxation treatment in resonance with the vibrating warm water and sound, you can experience how your entire body becomes more and more relaxed and flexible in a very short time. Manual, flowing-rhythmic grip techniques and touch sequences bring the entire body into its own personal momentum, while fasciae and joints can be noticeably loosened and relaxed.

WaveMoving ritual

approx. 50 min79 €

Being in the flow without limits

This experience for more mobility, well-being and lightness has an optimal, gentle effect on the flexibility of all joints and connective tissue and is individually tailored to you and your body.
With flowing three-dimensional dynamic grip techniques and strokes, deep-seated tensions and blockages can be released in a gentle flow, especially those of the spine.

WaveTouch ritual

approx. 65 min103 €

Being in harmony with myself

Vibrating in resonance with water, sound and mindful, gentle touch with nourishing, warm oil can lead you to a soft and relaxed body sensation, deep regeneration and a feeling of closeness to yourself. Resting in your own center, harmonious, natural movements spread over the entire body and enable an inspiring experience that allows you to feel deep inner peace.

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