Experiencing Early Summer Nature at the Mountain Resort on Gerlitzen

Early summer in the mountains is an energy source full of renewal. Discover the magic of the blossoming nature with our breathtaking panorama. Add plenty of physical activity, inspiring leisure experiences for all generations, and warm water to the mix.

Start your day with yoga or meditation surrounded by nature. Explore our adventure park with sports and climbing equipment, as well as relaxing spots. Enjoy a hike or e-bike tour through green forests and meadows, simultaneously boosting your immune system. Take part in our leisure program and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

After an active day, our wellness area offers the perfect retreat. Relax in one of the many saunas, enjoy the sensation of swimming in the sky in the 25m infinity pool, or simply sink into a waterbed. Additionally, a wide range of massages and treatments at the MEIN SEIN Wellness Center await, ready to revitalize you.

During the Pentecost holidays, the Mountain Resort Feuerberg also offers an wide range of activities for the whole family. Whether it's adventure in nature or tranquility in the wellness area – there's something for everyone here.

At the end of the day, we invite you to indulge in our regional delicacies. Our restaurant serves fresh, seasonal dishes that you can savor with a glass of fine wine and a spectacular view of the mountains.

We are looking forward to providing you with this unforgettable early summer experience.

Richard Bürger - Gastgeber Team des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

Spring­ Awakening: Mountain & Medicinal Herbs

Richard Bürger
Source of Inspiration & Companion

"In spring, nature comes to life anew. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and the scent of our mountain and medicinal herbs. Let yourself be inspired by the unique surroundings. Strengthen your immune system through movement and meditation. Here at the Mountain Resort Feuerberg, we offer you the perfect place to experience and harness this invigorating energy for yourself."

From Functioning to Being Alive

Within us, there exists a deep longing to be in harmony with our body, soul, and spirit. It is helpful to take time for ourselves, care for our well-being, be fully present in the here and now, connect deeply with ourselves, and allow ourselves to be moved. Our diverse treatments and applications can be of great assistance in achieving this.



What makes your spring vacation with us unique.

64 Types of Plants

Pflanzen Icon
Incomparable diversity of plants at Feuerberg. Gentian, Edelweiss, wild orchids, St. John's wort, Alpenrose, and much more. Countless different species of plants thrive in the hotel's herb garden and on the 500,000 m² alpine meadow.

21 Infusions & Ceremonies

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In addition to magnificent and diverse infusions, throughout the day, selected programs take place in our concert sauna at 60 degrees Celsius: sound bowl performances, soothing thirty-minute ceremonies, literary miniatures, and concerts.

147 km of Hiking Trails

Wanderwege Icon
Countless hiking routes with magnificent views start right outside the door. Along the way, numerous resting spots, experience points, and places of power await.

7,3 °C Cool, fresh spring water

Quellwasser Icon
Fresh and clear mountain water flows daily from the depths of Gerlitzen Alpe. It is available for free at numerous fountains throughout the hotel and in each room.

Offers for Your Vacation Days

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Discover Different Seasons at Feuerberg

While outside of holiday periods it's mainly about relaxation and tranquility, during winter and summer vacations, many families with children enliven our Mountain Resort.