Power places on Gerlitzen Alpe

Places of inner strength and tranquility

For years, we have been carefully working on the design of hiking trails and special places on Gerlitzen Alpe. Under the guidance of Johannes Matthiessen (architect, landscape planner, artist, and student of J. Beuys), the creation gradually took shape. The "Jakobsleiter" as an "erection into the light space," the rock lakes with Erika Pichler's Noreia energy stairway, the "Path of Philosophers," the "Mountain Kingdom," and much more. The motto of our work: Give something back to the mountain, create healing places that benefit the mountain and nature. We understand our work as something similar to acupuncture of the landscape. A joint effort. People seemingly come by chance. Voluntarily get involved. Help out. The mountain rejoices.

Asian garden

A small rock garden in the vast universe of mountains on the western flank of Blumenalm. Designed nature - as a place of orientation, contemplation, and security.

The measure of humans for identification in the vastness and light of space. From the defined, limited place: dare to gaze into the vastness and fly - like a bird - in the mind to new horizons of your life ... and then come back to the present, to the here and now. Recognize in the details around you the greatness of the whole - in listening to the stories of the ancient stones: everything is creation - including the human. They are also CO-creators of this earth - in every moment.

This garden was designed by Johannes Matthiessen during the great earthquake in China in the summer of the 2008 Olympic Games. Out of solidarity and in memory of this earthquake of the earth, the large Chinese calligraphy stone was also carved. Its inscription comes from the great sage Laozi (Lao Tzu).

Steineskulpturen am Berg der Gerlitzen Alpe im Bergurlaub in Kärnten

Rock lakes

Like an echo to the many lakes in the valleys of Carinthia, these small rock lakes lie high up on the mountain. Water, like the human soul, is universal and can take on various forms.

Sometimes it falls, flows, streams, rests, rises again, only to fall once more - in an eternal cycle. Like an eye, it reflects the world as an image on its surface. Water is essential to us - after all, the human body consists of 70% water. For all ancient cultures, it was sacred and synonymous with life.

Here begins the Noreia Sky ladder with its seven steps. At each step, you can sense the energies of certain alpine flowers and thus explore all the levels of your body's house. Erika Pichler designed the Sky ladder as a place of purification and strengthening. Just above the rock lakes, there is a small rock chapel - a place of silence and reflection. Not far from the rock lakes towards Feuerberg, there is a large natural playground for kids with a giant slide, zip line, treehouse, climbing wall, and more.

Familie beim Wandern auf der Gerlitzen Alpe im Wanderurlaub in Kärnten

Mountain Kingdom

The Mountain Kingdom is the breathing organ of Gerlitzen. Here, "heaven" and earth can connect undisturbed in their up and downswing. The ground you walk on there is gentle and soft, just like the Nockberge that appear on the horizon.

The winds sweep and dance over the winding paths from stone to stone, which tell the creation story of the mountain with their ornaments: "From the depths of the earth, I have emerged, ascended to the heights, to bring back the cosmic energies to the earth - ever-changing. That is my (Gerlitzen's) task for the people and to strengthen the entire region. Do not disturb this task of mine."

Johannes Matthiessen and Rikta Schaden experienced this during their work at this special place following an encounter with the elemental forces of the mountain. Its essence was revealed in the form of a symbol that they laboriously chiseled into a mighty granite.

Steineskulpturen am Berg der Gerlitzen Alpe im Bergurlaub in Kärnten

Stone table

For decades, it was a place for hunters and mountain farmers of Gerlitzen Alpe. Under the leadership of Johannes Matthiessen, it was restored to its former beauty in 2009 and became a rewarding destination for extensive high-altitude hikes. You can find it at the westernmost point of the Gerlitzen hiking trail network on the mountain ridge above the Steinwender Hut.

Steinernern Tisch auf der Gerlitzen Alpe

Stone men

A greeting to Tibet and the great mountains of the Himalayas was the reason for setting up the sculptures "Stone Men" on the ridge above Feuerberg. Since then, the sculptures have grown and continue to increase in number.

Steinmännchen auf der Gerlitzen Alpe nahe des Aktivhotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Johannes Matthiessen

Grateful for its presence

Johannes Matthiessen
Artists of the Earth

Johannes Matthiessen was one of the great landscape artists and healers of our time. After studying architecture in Munich and art with Joseph Beuys, the anthroposophist worked with children and social marginalized groups on all continents. As part of his work, he created power places and healing spaces of attention worldwide. We remember with gratitude his impact on Gerlitzen Alpe.

Mann und Frau beim Wandern im Urlaub nahe des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten
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