Enjoying consciously at the Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Carinthia

Regionally sourced products skillfully processed: Double the joy.

Because love 'goes through the stomach', we dedicate our passion to culinary delights. Seasoned with open-hearted warmth, our guests experience a surprising abundance of refined yet authentic dishes. This ranges from the Carinthian Gusto Breakfast to the evening 6-course menu buffet.

Conscious enjoyment significantly enhances one's well-being. Mindful enjoyment begins with the shopping process. We source our food from producers in the Alpe-Adria region because the Mountain Resort Feuerberg is at the crossroads of cultures. The delicious cuisines of Carinthia, Friuli, and Slovenia offer great traditional delights as well as outstanding accents of haute cuisine. Our award-winning kitchen team skillfully crafts diverse dishes with finesse, inspired by these influences.

We take special care in selecting beverages. A well-stocked wine cellar primarily features wines from the Alpe-Adria region's vineyards. In 2008, we were one of the first hotels to introduce a craft beer menu. The craft beer specialties primarily come from Austria. We have also put a lot of passion into selecting our teas, coffees, and natural fruit juices.

Kevin Granegger - Gastgeber Team des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

Alpe-Adria gourmet partner

Kevin Granegger
Head Chef

"We place particular importance on our collaboration with local agriculture. Currently, more than three-quarters of our products are sourced from small local partners in the area. With our '2020' project, we are taking it even further and are consistently transitioning our kitchen to be 'healthy and regional'."


Throughout the day, you are accompanied by the fresh water from our Blumenalm spring. Uniquely soft, it gushes forth from the depths of the Gerlitzen Alpe. It is available for free at numerous fountains in the hotel and in every room.

Gourmet Cuisine at the Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Chef Kevin Granegger and his team create a wealth of exquisite delights day in and day out. Primarily using local products, the Feuerberg kitchen transforms them into delicate antipasti and appetizers, refined main courses, and tempting desserts. Our kitchen team gains inspiration and engages in exciting exchanges, among other things, at the Festival of Chefs.



The Mountain Resort Feuerberg is a proud member of the KOCH.CAMPUS, a nonprofit association composed of renowned figures from the culinary world, winemaking, and agriculture. Its goal is to establish Austria as one of the top culinary destinations worldwide. In workshops, tastings, lectures, excursions, and discussions, the members share their in-depth knowledge and experiences.

Culinary Vacation in the 4-Star Superior Mountain Hotel in Carinthia

Experience a culinary vacation on Gerlitzen Alpe, right in the heart of the hiking and skiing area, and let our kitchen team pamper your taste buds.

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