Feuerberg culinary partners from the Alpe-Adria region

Ahead of the trend

Slowly but surely, "regionality" is establishing itself as a major trend. Mountain Resort Feuerberg is one of the pioneers responsible for this development: Since its opening in 2007, we have primarily used products from - mostly smaller - businesses around the Gerlitzen Alpe.

It takes a considerable amount of passion and, above all, the conviction that we are doing the right thing when we work with several hundred food producers instead of just one (or a few) suppliers. We gladly put in this extra effort because "great enjoyment from the Alpe Adria region" is at the heart of our Mountain Resort. This is only authentic when not only the ideas and recipes, but also the raw materials, come from the region.

The Alpe Adria region has so much to offer. Our goal is to find the best of it and serve it on your plate.

Feuerberg forest honey

The busy new employees at Feuerberg are producing a distinctive forest honey. Now exclusively available at Feuerberg for tasting and taking home.

A small selection of our Feuerberg culinary partners

Regional organic bread

The popular Thausing organic bread is made from self-produced whole grain flour, natural sourdough, water, and salt. The organically grown grain is freshly ground weekly in the farm mill and then baked in their own oven.

The Dinkel-Waldstaude bread was awarded Gold in the 9th Carinthian Bread Competition by the Carinthian Chamber of Agriculture.

Brotlaib im Heu Genusspartner des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

Organic eggs

The organic eggs for our breakfast buffet come from the Obereder family's Biohof Schnitzer in Gnesau. Here, free-range chickens enjoy plenty of space and the comfort of a 5-star chicken hotel – and you can taste the difference.

Bio Freilandeier im Heu der Genusspartner des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

Organic sheep cheese

The Kärntner Biobauernhof Nuart, also known as Hafner, produces specialties from sheep's milk with a lot of love and responsibility towards animals and the environment. These products not only offer a unique taste experience but also boast excellent quality. You can find even more cheese from the Kaslab'n Nockberge.

Käsebuffet am Mountain Resort Feuerberg bei der Verwöhnpension im Genussurlaub in Kärnten

Olive oil

... can be magnificent when it is pure, high-quality oil. Lisjak harvests and processes his olives in just four hours. They come from trees in the hinterland of Istria. And when Luigi Veronelli took on this issue, it was nothing less than the salvation of the 'olive oil from Italy' segment.

Cominicioli Öl Genusspartner am Feuerberg

Vinegar specialties

When the Gölles manufactory talks about vinegars, they always mean 100% pure fruit. What's more, Gölles produces vinegar that convinces not through acidity but through its fruit-typical flavor and mild seasoning.

Verschiedene Essige am Salatuffet der Verwöhnpension des Hotel Feuerberg

Fresh meat

Frierss is a family-owned business established in 1898 in Villach at the foot of the Gerlitzen Alpe. The butcher shop has been awarded medals for over a hundred years. In recent years, they have received accolades for their raw sausages, prosciutto, and the best series at the international competition for meat and sausage products.

Kunstvoll angerichtete Teller mit Speisen aus Zutaten aus der Region im Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

Fresh fish

The sea bass raised by marine biologist Irene Fonda are nurtured by hand in the clear waters of a large nature park in the Bay of Piran. Antibiotics are strictly prohibited. Markus Payr successfully implements the 'from egg to product' concept in his 'Fischereibetrieb Payr' in Gurktal. Emphasis is placed on the entire fish farming cycle, with special attention to water resources.

Carinthian Craft Beer

Brewmaster Raimund Linzer creates beer legends such as the Red Beer Hirter 1270, the bright golden Hirter Private Pils, or - one of his latest creations - the delicate, naturally cloudy "Hirter Cellar Master." At the Mountain Resort Feuerberg, you can enjoy these special beers.

Hirter Bier

Fruit and herb syrups

A tree takes almost a year to produce fruits. Walter Trausner appreciates this in his daily work. He sources untreated and unsprayed fruits from home gardens. Organic certified ingredients are processed in "Trausners Genusswerkstatt" into syrups, jams, and more, either in single varieties, savory, or creatively.

Frucht und Kräuter Sirupe der Trausner Genusswerkstatt

Fine chocolate

In the Styrian town of Riegersburg, the globally renowned chocolatier Josef Zotter produces more than 400 different products. Chocolate is combined in both "classic" ways, such as with raspberries, and in surprising ways, like with nettles. In Friesach, Carinthia, delicious handcrafted Craigher chocolates are made from high-quality regional ingredients and sustainably sourced cocoa beans.

Zotter Schokolade zu Besuch im Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Alpe Adria delicacies

"Greißler" is an Austrian word that describes this concept better than "Nahversorger," which translates to "convenience store" in English. Herwig Ertl is a gourmet "Greißler" and a "truffle nose." He is someone who instinctively, and to the delight of our guests, continually discovers new culinary delights from the Alpe Adria region. He does this by connecting with farmers, fishermen, distillers, oil millers, orchard growers, and confectioners. Would you like to try some Zirbenzuckalan?

Genusspartner Edelgreissler zu Besuch beim Festival der Köche im Mountain Resort Feuerberg
Kaffee Moser Genusspartner im Restaurant des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

Freshly roasted

Roman Schärf
Daniel Moser Coffee

Daniel Moser Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from the world's best growing regions, including Costa Rica, Brazil, and Jamaica. While our commitment to quality is our top priority when selecting coffee farmers, we also see it as our duty to fulfill our social responsibility in the process.

A perfect cup of coffee tastes even better when you know that the working conditions of the coffee farmers meet our standards. In line with our company philosophy, we work directly with the farmers to continually enhance the working and living conditions of the workers.

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