"MEIN SEIN" – Massages & Treatments at Feuerberg

From doing to being

Being at the Feuerberg offers the opportunity to transcend everyday life. In fast-paced times with constant connectivity, busy schedules, and various demands placed on us, we often feel torn. We might lose touch with ourselves, fall into a mode of "functioning," and reach our limits – the vitality within us, the ability to feel, gets neglected. That's why we call our wellness center "MEIN SEIN," where we help people reconnect with their BEING.

To be oneself – to be in the here and now – to be free.
Feuerberg – a place of transformation – authenticity – inspiration – a power spot.
An energy gateway to holistic well-being and spiritual balance.
From doing to being – the experience of BEING.

Isabella Berger offers soothing treatments in her wellness world. These include classical massages, special oil massages, energetic therapies, and detoxifying aroma body treatments, as well as cosmetics and foot care using the highest quality natural products from local production.

Massages have an effect far beyond physical well-being. Through gentle and loving touch, we reconnect with ourselves and are touched by ourselves once again. Conscious mindfulness of our body and good self-awareness form an important foundation for a conscious and loving relationship with ourselves, for health, well-being, harmony, contentment, and an improvement in the quality of life.

MEIN SEIN – Fields of influence

Energy gates for conscious being.

Let go – clarify: Being in the flow, noticeable relief, a pleasant sense of life, relaxation, strengthening the life-promoting, freeing oneself, shedding baggage, clarifying, rediscovering one's own source of strength – BE LIGHT.

Stabilize – balance: Feeling myself, perceiving, accepting, being allowed to be, finding balance, finding the inner, deep peace within me – BE SO.

Nourish – recharge: Self-confidence, being aware of one's own greatness, trusting oneself to be fully engaged in the greater whole, being connected – BE ONE.

Holistic relaxation

Isabella Berger

"Our wellness team is passionately dedicated to methods that touch us on all levels and have a holistic impact. Treatments that connect us with life itself. They lead us into stillness, bestow deep inner peace, and a particularly joyful form of relaxation. We look forward to assisting you with our special treatments in fully embracing your 'MEIN SEIN'."


Isabella Berger, the owner of the establishment, is a certified massage therapist, energy worker, and geomancer herself. She has created an extraordinary wellness department at the Feuerberg. In addition to her professional expertise, her work in the wellness area and throughout the entire hotel is influenced by her experiences and training in the following areas, among others:

  • Deep massage according to Dr. Marnitz
  • Segment massage
  • Dorn-Breuss massage
  • CranioSacral impulse regulation
  • Noreia and Delila essence consultation
  • Existential analysis counseling / logotherapy
  • Sound massage
  • Reiki (Isabella Berger is a master and teacher)
  • Omega according to Dr. Roy Martina
  • Biocybernetics according to Smit
  • Qi-Touch according to Peter Steindl
  • New geomancy according to Hartung and Stallkamp
  • Somatic Energetics according to Dr. Michael McBride
Ca & Le Kosmetikartikel im Beauytbereich des Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Cosmetics by CA&LE
During special ceremonies, the high-quality products from the local cosmetics line CA&LE are used.
Rosenblätter und Öl
Delila essences
Essences intensify and enhance the effects of the treatments. At Feuerberg, we use regional, natural ingredients from Carinthian production.
Frau bei einer Massage im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
The Feuerberg wellness team
All members of our MEIN SEIN team have a solid and in-depth professional training with specialization in massage and energy work.
Bright treatment rooms
Our geopathically stress-free and energetically rich treatment rooms, equipped with the best amenities, provide the ideal environment for relaxing treatments.
Klangschalentherapie im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Various musical instruments
Alchemy singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, shakuhachi, sound harp, and monochords are used at the Feuerberg in various applications and ceremonies.

Feuerberg Special Treatments

  • Spinal Deep Tissue Massage
  • Energy Combination Massage
  • Himalayan Crystal Scrub
  • Aroma Wrap
  • Free Flow
  • Biocybernetics according to Smit with AMM

  • Soul Sounds

  • "Celestial Moments" Ceremony by CA&LE

Our Feuerberg Wellness Opening Hours & Partners

Opening Hours & Appointments

The MEIN SEIN wellness center is open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. The CA&LE cosmetics team is on-site from Monday to Saturday, and the times may vary, so it's recommended to make an appointment in advance.

As different treatments are performed by individual specialists, there may be limitations on availability.

To ensure your preferred appointment times, it's advisable to book treatments before your arrival. You can make reservations by calling +43 4248 2880-181 or emailing wellness@feuerberg.at. Your appointment schedule, including booked treatments and times, will be provided at the hotel reception upon arrival.

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please notify us at least one day in advance. For appointments that are not canceled and not attended, 90% of the treatment price will be charged.

Cosmetics by CA&LE

For many years, CA&LE, with its special natural skincare series and treatments by professional cosmetologists, has been a permanent part of the Mountain Resort Feuerberg. To ensure quality at the highest level at all times, the skincare line is exclusively manufactured in Austria and processed 100% in Carinthia. With these products, you receive care that contains carefully selected organic ingredients and is produced using innovative and state-of-the-art methods. Only natural plant-based raw materials are used, without mineral oils, preservatives, or chemical emulsifiers. The natural skin function is stimulated, skin cells revitalized, and the optimal nourishment of the skin is ensured. Various treatments can be individually tailored to every skin type.

Our external CA&LE cosmetics institute, with its highly qualified cosmetologists, is available at our location six days a week. To schedule an appointment, you can contact our MEIN SEIN wellness reception daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm at +43 (0)4248 2880–181 or via email at wellness@feuerberg.at.

Delila essences

Essences enhance and intensify the effects of the treatments. At Feuerberg, we work with regional, natural substances from Carinthian production. The Delila essences are special blends of Bach flower and gem essences. All ingredients and raw materials for the essences come from the local Alpine region with a unique signature and are produced with care by hand in Carinthia. Each essence has its own unique way of working and is individually used as part of the treatment.

Feuerberg Wellness Tip

Book your desired appointment!

If you would like to pamper yourself in our MEIN SEIN wellness center during your stay, we recommend reserving your desired appointments from home. All our treatments can be requested through the website. Additionally, you can reach our wellness reception daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm at +43 4248 2880–180 or via email at wellness@feuerberg.at.

Book your preferred appointment

Frau bei einer Massage im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten