Enjoy Autumn at the Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Experience the magic of the golden fall on the Feuerberg. Surrounded by alpine meadows, you can look out over a sea of clouds to the peaks of the Southern Alps. The bathing and wellness world with steaming pools and cozy oases of peace invites you to relax, while wonderful leisure activities inspire you.

Up here, we are very close to the sky. Radiant colors, gentle light, and earthy notes blend into the still powerful scent of the alpine meadow. Late blooming flowers delight our eyes and hearts.

We relax in a lounge chair, in the spacious open area of Carinthia's Bathing World on the Mountain, and sometimes, we even need a blanket! That's when a little cloud has separated from the high fog far below us.

We step outside of our daily routine, taking a break from the hustle and bustle that spreads between September and December. We want to pamper ourselves properly, not just halfway. For this, there is no better destination than the Mountain Resort, which exudes a captivating tranquility in autumn. Couples relish the rare closeness they share.

Around the end of October, our alpine retreat becomes lively. The children are on vacation from school, and it's the first time since summer that we enjoy "family time at Feuerberg." After that, in November, the atmosphere becomes quieter once again.

The autumn at Feuerberg is truly beautiful.

Feuerberg Alpine Resort Highlights

What makes your autumn vacation with us unique.

47 Regional culinary producers

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We now cooperate with 47 partner businesses, including farms, bakeries, wineries, and fisheries from Carinthia, Styria, Friuli, Slovenia, and Istria. Fresh, top-quality, and characterful food.

70 Massage and beauty treatments

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Our competent and well-trained professionals bring your soul to resonance with their soothing touches and energetic treatments. Let go, recharge, and reconnect with yourself.

500 m² Pool area

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900 m² large water area at an altitude of 1,769 meters. You can only find this at Feuerberg. Dive into Carinthia's Bathing World on the Mountain.

9 Energy sites

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Along the hiking trail network on Gerlitzen Alpe, there are special experience spots waiting to be discovered. Magical places to recharge with new energy and strength. Embark on a journey of exploration!

Alpine Romance

Cabin vacations are inherently romantic. When they are complemented with culinary delights and a 4,500 m² large bathing and wellness area, hearts soar even higher. Because: In our chalet village, you also get to enjoy the full inclusive services of the resort.

Location and overview

Original Japanese tea ceremonies at Feuerberg

Erwin Berger's affinity for meditative Zen gardens led us to encounter the Japanese tea ceremony. The result: The beautiful tea room Horai - our "spiritual center."

Accompanied by the gifted tea master Dr. Staufenbiel, we dedicate ourselves to the path of tea under the guidance of Richard. Richard: "Just as the wind in the pine trees roams freely through the open expanse of the sky, the singing of the kettle brings breadth into the narrow space." The narrow space expands and the whole world gathers in a bowl of tea. We open our hearts, empty our minds, feel the infinite expanse of our hearts with our breath.

Mann bei einer japanischen Teezeremonie im Wellness- und Yogahotel Feuerberg in Kärnten

Zen priests Dokuho J. Meindl

The cultivation of the mind and the promotion and restoration of health are central themes in the life of Dokuho J. Meindl.

He embodies these principles in various ways, as a naturopath, psychotherapist, author, and composer. Over 25 years ago, he journeyed across land to Japan to explore the teachings of the East. Upon arrival in Japan, he became the first Western Zen monk to enter Eigen-ji Zen monastery and received the monastic name "Dokuho" (individual peak). Following his training at the Zen monastery, he studied traditional Chinese medicine and QiGong in Beijing. In 1991, Dokuho returned to Germany to share his knowledge with others.

Dokuho Meindl

Discover other seasons at Feuerberg

While outside the holiday periods, the focus is mainly on relaxation and tranquility, during the winter and summer holidays, many families with children bring life to our Mountain Resort.