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Our motto: movement

The Mountain Resort Feuerberg is all about various forms of movement. Physical activity, both indoors and outdoors, is complemented by offerings that engage the mind and soul. Throughout the year, people with special skills come to our mountain. They bring an inspiring repertoire for our guests, including programs that help to let go, tune into one's self, strengthen, and find one's inner balance. The range of activities, from yoga to Smoovie-Gym and classical water aerobics, is expanded and enriched here by a spiritual diversity, including singing bowl meditations, energetic purification rituals, tea ceremonies, and forest bathing. No one is "animated" or pushed. These people and their offerings are simply there, and our guests can choose to participate if they wish.

Richard Bürger - Gastgeber Team des Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten

The Healing Powers of the forest

Richard Bürger
Impulse Giver & Companion

"The best source of your own health and strength is nature. We now have numerous scientific studies about the diverse healing powers of the forest. Forest bathing is the magic word. Dive with us into the soothing atmosphere of our nearby Silver Forest with its hundred-year-old larches, spruces, and stone pines, and feel your strength returning."

Our Spirit & Spa offerings at the Mountain Resort Feuerberg

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Tea Tasting
  • Water Aerobics
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Energetic Cleansing Smoke Rituals
  • Smoovie Gym
  • Forest Bathing
  • Singing Bowl Meditations

In addition, there are many moving and inspiring programs as part of our "Spirit on the Mountain" weeks.

Feuerberg Events „Spirit am Berg“

Your "Studio" at the Mountain Resort

A bright, spacious room with plenty of space, including for gymnastics. Located centrally in the resort, it's comfortable with a wonderful view. There are training equipment, steppers, treadmills, water from the Blumenquelle, fresh fruits... and it's never crowded.

Fitnessraum im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg auf der Gerlitzen Alpe in Kärnten

Mental focus and physical practice

At the Mountain Resort Feuerberg, there are several yoga sessions every week, led by various well-trained professionals. In addition, different gymnastics and exercise programs are offered. Many of these sessions take place outdoors, including on the new yoga deck.

Calm & center

Meditation does not originate, as some believe, from the Latin adjective "medius," but rather from the Latin "meditatio", meaning "contemplation" or "reflection", and from the ancient Greek "medomai", which means "to ponder" or "to think.

Mindfulness exercises are designed to collect the mind. The stream of thoughts should be controlled or even switched off. Isabella Berger's singing bowl meditations are among the absolute highlights on the Feuerberg. Other offers - such as light meditations or mindfulness exercises in the great outdoors - round off the program.

Frau beim Yoga auf der Gerlitzen Alpe in Kärnten im Wellness- und Yogahotel Feuerberg

Please, be thoughtless!

"Waldbaden" at Feuerberg is becoming increasingly popular. In a relaxing way, nature is combined with tradition, and health with mindfulness. Our guests immerse themselves in the healing atmosphere of the forests of Gerlitzen Alpe, experiencing peace and clarity there.

This strengthens the immune system and relieves stress on the circulation and nerves. By experiencing places of power, "feeling thoughtlessly", our guests slow down. Right down to the core.

Waldluft baden im Yogahotel Feuerberg auf der Gerlitzen in Kärnten

Herb walk & workshop

From June to September, Richard Bürger introduces our guests to local herbs in a creative way once a week. The healing properties of wild herbs and their positive effects on the body, mind, and soul are diverse. During a hike, wild herbs are collected and then processed into products such as ointments, tinctures, deodorants, soaps, oils, etc. Any missing herbs can be found in our herb garden.

Original Japanese tea ceremonies

Erwin Berger's love for meditative Zen gardens introduced us to the Japanese tea ceremony. The result: The beautiful tea room Horai - our "spiritual center".

Accompanied by the gifted tea master Dr. Staufenbiel, we dedicate ourselves to the path of tea under the guidance of Richard. Richard: "Just as the wind in the pine trees roams freely through the open expanse of the sky, the singing of the kettle brings breadth into the narrow space." The narrow space expands and the whole world gathers in a bowl of tea. We open our hearts, empty our minds, feel the infinite expanse of our hearts with our breath.

Special weeks – "Spirit am Berg"

In addition to the in-house programs, the "Spirit am Berg" event series offers fantastic high-end offerings. Throughout many weeks of the year, monks, philosophers, therapists, athletes, artists, Zen masters, Qigong and yoga instructors, tea masters, and others come to the Feuerberg and allow guests to participate in their programs.

Our offer

Buddhistischer Mönch mit Glocken im Aktivhotel Feuerberg im Mediationsurlaub in Kärnten
Mann beim Bogenschießen
Mann in einem Steinkreis umringt von anderen Personen im Meditationsurlaub in Kärnten
Dokuho Meindl
Frau und Mann mit Klangschalen im Aktivhotel Feuerberg im Mediationsurlaub in Kärnten
Eine Gruppe von Menschen macht Yoga im freien am Feuerberg
Japanische Teezeremonie

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Steinmännchen auf der Gerlitzen Alpe nahe des Aktivhotel Feuerberg in Kärnten