My time with YOU

Take time for each other and enjoy togetherness.

"Feel - Enjoy - Experience" in the SALVE IN TERRA

approx. 25 min69 €

A sensual cleansing and nurturing ritual for casual playfulness and the magic of velvety touch

This experience pack with the finest mineral clay on the Salve in Terra lounger will help you rediscover immediate feelings of joie de vivre and ease.... Let yourself be surprised by yourself. This system was specially developed by wellness pioneer Paul Haslauer to meet these deep inner needs. The mineral earth aroma body wrap activates the release of harmful substances and waste products from the skin, allowing active ingredients to be optimally absorbed. Essential oils have a beneficial effect on your nervous system and your emotional world.

Two for Two

approx. 80 min190 €

Relaxation in a duet

Holistic full-body partner massage followed by a romantic sound experience on the wavebalance® lounger.


approx. 50 min85 €

Swinging and flowing freely

This gentle full-body relaxation to the rhythm of the resonating waves begins with playful movement exercises on the warm water lounger. By feeling and listening together during an empathetic, three-dimensional stretching application, you get into the flow in harmony with the wave, improve the mobility of joints and connective tissue and gently release blockages. Together, you will then continue with new momentum towards more vitality and vitality.


approx. 75 min121 €

Touched by loving care

Flowing strokes with warm oil in combination with the gentle oscillations and vibrations of the sounds decelerate, harmonize and open up a deep feeling of intimate harmony with each other.
A gentle, harmonizing energetic application intensifies the feeling of being together and is rounded off with a meditative, sound-filled rest.

In addition, the following massages can be booked in pairs for the same treatment time:

Holistic full-body luxury massage, holistic full-body massage, partial massage, intensive back massage, head and neck massage, foot reflexology massage.

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