My energy

Connecting heaven and earth... Being whole... Diving inside... Flowing...


approx. 50 min80 €

Being cosmically strengthened and in harmony

Energizing with cosmic energy can lead to the balancing of energy-reduced and blocked areas. Deep states of relaxation between sleeping and waking consciousness are made possible. Harmonization of circulation, metabolism and digestion, the ability to regenerate and the strengthening of the immune system are promoted. This treatment is sometimes carried out in combination with the Qi-Quant energy plates.

My flow

approx. 65 min103 €

Holistically individual

Tailored to your needs, techniques from the energetic field can unfold here as required with the support of Qi-Quant energy plates, gemstones, energy stones, high-quality essences or aromatic oils. Welcome to a shared journey to well-being, harmony and balance.


approx. 35 min60 €

Be stable and flexible

This method, developed by Hans Peter Steindl over many years of research, stimulates the body's self-regulation mechanisms via the fascial structures by gently touching certain points on the body - it can promote stability, balance and mobility at all levels.

Sound massage

approx. 60 min103 €

Being in unison and harmony

Tibetan singing bowls are placed on or close to the clothed body and made to resonate. The vibrations of the singing bowls touch the body, mind and soul and lead to inner peace and deep relaxation. The human organism is stimulated by the harmonious vibrations to tune into its very own vibration pattern on all levels. Gong sounds enrich the effect of the Tibetan singing bowls in a grounding and expanding way.

Soul sounds "Availability on request"

approx. 60 min103 €

Being touched by myself on all levels

This intensive energy work with our special alchemy crystal singing bowls can promote balance and centeredness, clarification, cleansing and strengthening of the energy field, support inner development and activate self-healing powers. The fine crystal sound also transmits the energy of precious metals, minerals and colors to the entire organism.

Sun shade "Availability on request"

approx. 20 min50 €

Float gently

They vibrate in the gentle overtone sound space of a sound bed - a real string instrument. The result is a micro-massage of the body and a resonance in the energy and emotional body. In addition, colored foils, which are placed in the vibrational frequency of the Noreia essences according to the body zones, serve as an energy filling station and regulate the balance of the levels of correspondence. Like the sun, sound provides vitality, opens up new dimensions and makes our horizons wider, brighter and more luminous.

Energy check "Availability on request"

approx. 65 min103 €

Be balanced and healthy

In accordance with the analytical subconscious, a current energy status is determined by means of kinesiological testing, which can provide clues as to where possible obstacles are hidden in your energy system that make it difficult for you to live your life in emotional balance, well-being and perfect health. Depending on the course of time, balancing measures are also possible.

Reset intensive "Availability on request"

approx. 95 min149 €

From functioning to living being

The demands of modern life often push us to the limit, which can weaken our bodies and threaten our inner balance. Various energetic approaches effectively pave the way for recognizing and releasing tensions and blockages, finding our way back to our own center and reconnecting with inner peace and strength. Life principles are also taught and simple tools are developed that can be used in everyday life to deal constructively with our energy resources and maintain inner balance.

CranioSacral ImpulseRegulation "Availability on request"

approx. 50 min80 €

Sustainably energetic

CSIR is a purely energetic treatment that works at the interface between the gross and subtle body. The cranial rhythm, as a symbol of our vitality, is encouraged to flow and self-regulation is stimulated. The treatment takes place in a deep body meditation and is effective on all levels of being. Self-regulation takes place over a period of 14 days.

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