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Allsense element compensation

approx. 30 min37 €

Being in my element

The Allsense system was developed by Dokuho J. Meindl after years of practical experience in traditional Chinese medicine. Knowledge from the East has been combined with the efficiency of the West to open up new paths to health and relaxation.

You can tune into the world of your element (fire-water-wood-earth-metal), which is determined by means of a questionnaire, and experience deep mental and physical relaxation in less than 30 minutes on the special Allsense lounger. All five senses are stimulated simultaneously - with the scent of aromatic essences, colored light and specially developed elemental music that vibrates a sound bed. Your mind can calm down and your senses draw new energy, strengthening your immune system and actively reducing stress. A cup of elemental tea afterwards will leave you feeling balanced, stimulated and centered.

Energy turbo in the "Qi-Quantas"

approx. 45 min62 €

With energetic preparation

The "Qi-Quantas" is a special couch that was developed by Dr. Harald Granzer according to the latest technical, physical and energetic findings to create perfect energetic conditions for relaxation and regeneration, harmonization of body, soul and spirit, removal of energetic blockages and promotion of energy flow with a field of natural frequencies and the support of deep heat through stimulating, beneficial sunlight without UV rays.
More and more people are relying on their own body's ability to regulate itself and can thus stabilize and further develop it. The user usually notices a gentle energy boost and a feeling of mental lightness and relaxation within a few minutes.

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