My pampering time as an expectant mother & children watch out

Children between the ages of 3 and 12 can come and discover new things here. But we are also particularly pleased when expectant mothers spend a small part of this precious time in our house to enjoy this new life situation and have time for themselves and their baby.

Here are some treatments that are suitable for a natural pregnancy - if you are completely healthy and feel comfortable at altitude.

In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, it is essential to consult a doctor. In any case, we ask you to inform our staff of your pregnancy when booking and before the start of each treatment, as this must always be taken into account.

Baby moon" massage 35 minutes

approx. 35 min60 €

Comfortable letting go

Gentle massage with warm oil on the LadyMary special lounger - it's good to relax comfortably on your stomach again.

Baby moon" massage 50 minutes

approx. 50 min79 €

Comfortable letting go

Gentle massage with warm oil on the LadyMary special lounger - it's good to relax comfortably on your stomach again.

Biocybernetics according to Smit with AMM for expectant mothers

approx. 35 min60 €

Pleasant lightness

The balancing of the energy system, the well-being and the harmonization of mother and child are promoted.

WaveDream for expectant mothers

approx. 50 min79 €

Deeply relaxed harmony on the wavebalance® lounger

Relaxed and weightless, I am gently cradled on the large, warm water bed. I resonate with water, sound and attentive, gentle touch with nourishing, warm oil and enjoy a feeling of closeness and connection.

Children's massage

approx. 20 min36 €

Be relaxed

Gentle massage with warm oil for young connoisseurs. Bookable up to the age of 12.

Element equalization children

approx. 30 min36 €

Be dreamy

Dreaming in colored light, sound, fragrance and vibration on the Allsense lounger.

Family fun in the Salve in Terra

approx. 25 min76 €

Fun get-together

A shared experience with mom or dad in fragrant mineral earth for 1 adult and max. 2 children up to the age of 10.

WaveCare ritual for children

approx. 35 min58 €

...totally cool...

The new dimension of whole-body treatment for greater freedom of movement and a sense of well-being. Manual, flowing, rhythmic grip techniques and touch sequences bring the entire body into its own personal momentum, while fasciae and joints can be noticeably loosened and relaxed.

Possible applications in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy:

Element experience, cosmetics, head and neck massage, head and face massage, facial lymphatic drainage


Additional possible applications in the 4th-7th month of pregnancy:

If you can still lie on your back: "baby moon" massage, Reiki, CSIR, lymph drainage, gentle exfoliation and Indian oil massages, East-West massage, biocybernetics according to Smit with AMM, cosmetics, sound waves for expectant mothers, WaveDream.

If lying on your back is already difficult: "baby moon" massage, Reiki, biocybernetics according to Smit with AMM, WaveDream.

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