Saunas & relaxation rooms at Feuerberg

A wide variety of saunas and relaxation areas, yet never the feeling of having to share this paradise with many other guests.

Every sauna session brings well-being, health, and relaxation for the mind, soul, and body. In the Mountain Resort, there are 11 saunas available for this purpose. Tune into yourself and choose from a range of temperatures, from comfortably warm to very hot, from dry to steamy, from cozy and intimate to spectacular: Harmony with a view. In our relaxation oases – there are now 16 of them – we have many more loungers than guests. It is quite welcome for newcomers to get a little "lost" – they quickly recognize the significant advantage: here, wellness guests disperse among many small relaxation areas and saunas – so both those seeking relaxation and families can quickly find their own favorite spot.

Richard Bürger Team Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Sweating at the highest level

Richard Bürger
Impulse Giver & Companion

"In our unique concert sauna, we offer our guests a fantastic view over half of Carinthia, reaching all the way to Slovenia and Italy. The infinite expanse of the space literally makes us feel like we're floating on clouds. The sauna ceremonies and sauna shows in the concert sauna are undoubtedly our highlights. In addition, we host a sauna festival every January with sauna world champions and the international sauna elite, who showcase their skills at our resort. You've probably never sweated so wonderfully entertained before."

Saunas, steam baths, infrared

  • Konzertsauna (during the day 65°, from 3:30 pm 85° – 90°; Silent Area)
  • Lavasauna (70° – 75° with slight humidity; Silent Area)
  • Zirbensauna (ca. 90°; Silent Area)
  • Lehmsauna (70° – 75°)
  • Salzsauna (70° – 75°; Silent Area)
  • Felsensauna (85° – 90°; Silent Area)
  • Infrarot-Herzerlsauna (45° – 50°)
  • Dampfbad (approximately 45°)
  • Sole-Dampfbad (approximately 45°; Silent Area)
  • Backofen (approximately 38°; Silent Area)
  • Tecaldarium (children's sauna, approximately 38°)

Silent Area: for guests aged 14 and above

Feuerberg Sauna Tip

Especially after our special infusions, we recommend cooling off in one of our cold plunge pools. The "Runterkühler," a 12-meter-long swim channel, is waiting with a water temperature of about 20°C right in front of the Concert Sauna. Similar temperatures refresh in the Glacier Pool in front of the Zirbensauna or in the Jungbrunnen Pool in front of the Rock Sauna. The tingling sensation in the body revives our spirits.

Exquisite relaxation oases

Plenty of Space to Relax

A 4,500 m² bathing and wellness world – some might imagine large lounging halls. Not at the Feuerberg, though. We have created 16 small and individually designed relaxation oases. Whether it's a Silent Area (entry from 14 years) or a family area – everyone can find their favorite spot here. Because we have more loungers than adult beds. So, there's no need to feel stressed. All in line with the Feuerberg motto: Stroll and enjoy.

Ruheraum im Bergpanorama und Blick auf die Almwiese
Relaxation room "Almwiese"
With cozy niches scented with mountain hay. Very comfortable loungers and panoramic views across the entire region invite you to relax and daydream. Silent Area.
Relaxation room "Höhenflug"
Inspired by the flight of our mountain swallows, we dream of vastness here. Even in our third and final new relaxation area: exquisite materials and a view into infinity. Silent Area.
Relaxation room "Kristallbad"
A sparkling relaxation area in front of the large "Infinity" pool with a view over the water into infinity. Equipped with precious silver quartzite and crystals, it makes your break shine. Silent Area.
Sonnenterrasse im Winter mit Schaffellen im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Relaxation room "Wolke 7"
The view here extends far beyond the Carinthian lakes to the peaks of the Julian Alps. Warm water beds, comfortable loungers, light wood. Right in front of it, a wonderful panoramic sun deck. You'll be floating on cloud 7. Silent Area.
Paar in einem der Ruheräume des Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Relaxation room "Abendrot"
This relaxation room was partially built into the mountain and provides space for cozy loungers. The interior is made of fragrant Swiss pine wood. An open fireplace creates atmosphere, especially in the autumn and winter. Family area during the holiday season, Silent Area during our wellness times.
Familie kuschelt im Ruheraum im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Family sauna
Mud sauna, steam bath, and Tecaldarium (children's sauna) invite the whole family to enjoy gentle sweating. Afterward, a spacious relaxation area with cozy loungers and "Knotzecken" awaits for relaxation.
Turmlounge Ruheraum im Wellnessurlaub im Hotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Relaxation room "Turm-Lounge"
This light-filled relaxation room offers a view of the Alpentherme. It connects contrasts - old and new, sky and earth, and completes a circle from the beginning of the mountain huts to the present of the Feuerberg. Silent Area.
Relaxation room "Brentlstube"
Cozy relaxation room with panoramic views above the Zirbensauna. Comfortable loungers and cozy water beds await you here. Silent Area.
Ruheraum im Bergpanorama und Blick auf die Almwiese
Relaxation room "Himmelswiege"
The "Heavenly Cradle" is the highest point in the bathing world. From swaying loungers and water beds, our guests enjoy the "over-view" or embark on a journey inward. They are accompanied by great philosophers and mystics of Eastern cultures.
Paar in einem der Ruheräume des Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten
Rumis Room
The Room of Silence is dedicated to Rumi, a Persian poet from the 12th century and a representative of the Sufi tradition. Turkish tea, oriental sounds, and selected literature help with relaxation. Silent Area.
Relaxation room "Schlafmütze"
This is what we call the cozy conservatory of the Alpentherme. The light-filled relaxation room is equipped with comfortable loungers and is bathed in sunlight until the evening. For many guests, it's the favorite spot for relaxing and leisurely lounging in the afternoon.
Relaxation room "Traumfänger"
Here in this open atmosphere, right next to the Spa Lounge, your inner dreams and visions are meant to become conscious. Comfortable rocking loungers make you feel like you're floating.

Feuerberg Sauna Highlights

What makes your vacation with us unique.

11 Saunas

Sauna Kübel Icon
Each sauna session brings well-being, health, and relaxation for the body, mind, and soul. The sauna variety at Feuerberg ranges from comfortably warm to steaming hot, from cozy and intimate to spectacular.

16 relaxtion oases

Kerzen Icon
Whether with panoramic views and a fireplace, or both. In cozy waterbeds or floating loungers. At Feuerberg, you'll find more relaxation spots than adult beds - tranquility and relaxation guaranteed.

21 Sauna shows & ceremonies

Flamme Icon
In addition to spectacular and diverse infusions, you can enjoy select programs during the day in our Concert Sauna at 60 degrees Celsius: sound bowl performances, soothing thirty-minute ceremonies, literary vignettes, and concerts.

1. Concert sauna worldwide

Noten Icon
The centerpiece of our bathing and wellness world is the Concert Sauna: plenty of space, fantastic sound, light shows, and video sequences, topped with this incomparable panoramic view over Carinthia.
Konzertsauna mit Ausblick auf die Berge im Wellnesshotel Feuerberg in Kärnten

Sauna special weeks at Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Every January, top stars of the sauna infusion scene come to Feuerberg. World champions and professionals join in with fantastic infusions and shows. Together with beer, wine, champagne, and more, we call this the "Feuerberg-Wintergenusswochen"

Relax and unwind at the 4-star superior wellness hotel in Carinthia

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