Pampering half board on the Gerlitzen Alpe

A reason for many to become loyal Feuerberg guests

The Mountain Resort Feuerberg represents the exceedingly rare combination of abundant richness and uncompromising top quality. Whether you stay in a hotel room, a hotel suite, or a chalet suite in the village, even breakfast makes connoisseur hearts beat faster: various buffets; eggs are prepared to your liking in a show kitchen; espresso and tea culture at the highest level, and much more.

The gourmet dinner starts with a variety of antipasti variations. Then, two courses are served. For the main course, there are four daily changing options to choose from: vegetarian, meat, fish, and a traditional specialty. The gourmet dinner concludes with desserts and a fine selection of cheeses.

Many regular guests consider the half board as a particularly important reason for coming back regularly.

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Feuerberg Smile

Walter Ebner
Restaurant Manager

We in the service department are delighted when our genuine hospitality is so highly appreciated by our guests. The renowned Relax Guide writes: 'Wonderfully friendly and attentive staff, the magic of service-oriented attention is bestowed on guests here so generously that even those with a chronic bad mood experience unexpected highs in their mood'."

Breakfast at Feuerberg

The day begins with a first-class Gusto breakfast. Fresh wholemeal pastries, croissants, and crispy bread. A generous muesli buffet, a fine selection of cheeses and cold cuts. In the regional delicacies buffet featuring products from our culinary partners, you'll find exquisite items: from deer salami to farm butter and fine pickled cheese and vegetable specialties. Top-quality honey from Neber Beekeeping, special jams (homemade and unique creations in collaboration with the Fink Manufactory), fresh fruit, and raw vegetables are also waiting for you. In the show kitchen, egg dishes are freshly prepared to your liking, with fresh herbs, vegetables, cheese, and bacon. A real highlight: the coffee specialties from the traditional roastery "Daniel Moser" at our coffee workshop and the extensive tea bar. It tastes fantastic!


Feuerberg Delight Corner

  • Pickled goat, sheep, and cow milk specialties from Naturköstlichkeiten Höfer – St. Urban/Simonhöhe
  • Raw milk cheese from Tschadamer Liebenfels/Glantal
  • Organic hay milk butter and organic hay milk cheese from Kaslab’n/Radenthein
  • Organic farm butter from Rössler Glanegg/Glantal
  • Air-dried sausages and bacon from Fleischerei Seiser Strassburg/Gurktal
  • Organic spreads (pumpkin seed spread, liverwurst, sterz greaves) from Monschein – Southern Styria
  • Organic honey delights from Neber Beekeeping – Mürztal/Upper
  • Styria Forest and blossom honey in honeycomb form – Marktl – Gnesau/Gurktal
  • Homemade fruit jams Special creations (fruit jam, chutneys, and hazelnut cream) in cooperation with Fink's Delicatessen
  • Organic breakfast products, such as mueslis, crunchies, and porridges from Tyrol
  • Organic grains of all kinds – Biohof Tomic – Eberndorf/Lower Carinthia
  • Organic natural yogurt from Biohof Grosshard - Feldkirchen

Coffee Roastery/Tea Bar

  • Highest coffee enjoyment with specialties from the Daniel Moser Coffee Manufactory
  • Organic milk – Biohof Grosshard – Feldkirchen
  • Delicious organic tea from the Bioteaque Tea Manufactory – Traunstein

Patisserie Station

  • Sun Bakery Schieder – Feldkirchen
  • Spelt bread, Waldstauden bread, gluten-free bread – Naturkost Thausing – Klagenfurt
  • Carinthian Reindling – Vallant Bakery/St. Veit
  • Brioche, Danish pastries, and croissants from Haubis Genusswelten

Show Kitchen

  • Egg specialties (fried eggs, scrambled eggs, sweet pancakes, waffles, etc.) with organic eggs from the Obereder family (aka Schnitzer) – Gnesau/Gurktal
  • Grilled sausage and bacon specialties from Frierss Butcher Shop/Villach

Beverage Bar

  • Feuerberg Frizzante
  • Grape juices from Weingut Bründlmayer/Langenlois/Lower Austria
  • Naturally cloudy apple juice from Dockner/Kremstal/Lower Austria
  • 100% orange juice from an ancient variety from Crete
  • Extraordinary, intensely aromatic fruit and herbal syrups with low sugar from Genusswerkstatt Trausner – Mauterndorf
  • For self-pressing: carrots and apples
  • Organic vegetable juices

Intolerances & Allergies

  • Dr. Schär products
  • Mon Pate spreads
  • Goat and sheep yogurt from Mallhof/Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • Lactose-free yogurt – Oberkärntner Molkerei (Kärnten Milch)
  • Soy products
  • Diabetic jams – Unterweger/Lienz/East Tyrol
  • Gluten-free pastries – Sun Bakery Schieder/Feldkirchen
  • Non-animal milk alternatives (soy, almond, hazelnut, oat, rice...)

Various Specialties

  • Sausage and ham selection of the highest Frierss quality and genuine craftsmanship
  • Naturally aged cheeses from Oberkärntner Molkerei (Kärnten Milch)
  • Homemade cream cheese spreads
  • Pickled vegetables and fish
  • Delicious homemade vegan spreads


For those who like to stay in bed a little longer during their vacation: At the bar, we serve a fine continental breakfast upon request until 12:00 am.

Käsebuffet am Mountain Resort Feuerberg bei der Verwöhnpension im Genussurlaub in Kärnten
Butterbrot beim Frühstück im Hotel Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten
Frühstück mit Wafflen und Eiern angerichtet auf weißen Tellern im Mountain Resort Feuerberg in Kärnten
Müsliauswahl am Buffet der Verwöhnpension im Mountain Resort Feuerberg auf der Gerlitzen Alpe in Kärnten

Lunch at Hotel Feuerberg

For those with a small appetite in between, we offer à la carte lunch between 12:45 pm and 2:30 pm. We are happy to prepare vegan dishes upon request. Not included in the Feuerberg pampering package.


Gourmet Menu in the Evening at Mountain Resort Feuerberg

The highlight of a day at Feuerberg: The evenings in the restaurant.

We start the culinary journey with antipasti variations, accompanied by fine appetizers, soups, and salads from the buffet. The warm appetizer and a choice of 4 main courses (meat, fish, vegetarian, and traditional) are served. We are happy to prepare vegan dishes as well. Finest peppers, spices, olive oils, and vinegars can be found on our buffets. Numerous dessert variations and a fine selection of cheese specialties complete a wonderful evening. We recommend fine wines and beers from our well-stocked selection.

Salad Buffet

"Why transport vegetables and fruits from around the world when they also grow in our gardens?" From this idea, "Kärnten taufrisch" was born, a brand for pesticide-free vegetables and fruits from 20 farmers. Our salad bar gathers these local delicacies along with alpine herbs and flowers from the Feuerberg garden.


Diners experience these savory delicacies as the first highlight in the menu sequence. They are created using recipes from the kitchens of the Alpe Adria region, with Mediterranean influences. Seasonal vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, and more are often sautéed and marinated in the finest Lisjak olive oil. Among the antipasti, you'll also find rare treats such as cured char from Markus Payr in Sirnitz or organic oyster mushrooms from the Schigmanhof in Maria Rain.

Cold appetizers and soups

Antipasti, tapas, starters, cold appetizers... a daily new and irresistible variety can be found at our buffets. We also offer excellent hot soups. Vegetarian/vegan soups are available upon request.

4 main courses to choose from

You can choose from four different dishes. The dish of your choice will be served at your table. Meat, fish, vegetarian, or "traditional" - a new option from each of these categories is prepared for you every day. You make your selection the night before (except on your day of arrival).

Cheese specialties from local producers

  • Biofarm Dairy Deutschmann

  • Organic sheep cheese Nuart vlg. Hafner

  • Elmar Rössler

  • Tschadamer Court

  • Mallhof Family Mayerbrugger

  • Almenland Stollen cheese

  • Goat cheese dairy Zerbst

  • Cheese from the Karst – Ziaric


The cheese is enhanced with:

  • Special chutney creations in cooperation with Fink & Haberl
  • Truffle fig chutney from Natura Tartuffi
  • Organic hay milk butter from Kaslab'n/Radenthein

Bread bar

  • Spelt bread, wildflower bread, and gluten-free bread from Naturkost Thausing – sourdough and wheat-free
  • Crusty baguettes from Haubis Genusswelten

Vinegar and Oil Bar

  • Special vinegars from Gölles Vinegar Manufactory/Riegersburg
  • Beer vinegars from Privatbrauerei Hirt/Micheldorf
  • Apple vinegars from Lenzbauer – Gritsch Family/Lavanttal
  • Veronelli olive oils
  • Premium extra virgin olive oils from Lisjak Olive Oil Manufactory – Koper, Slovenia

Carinthian ham and fine cold cuts from the prosciutto slicer

  • Gurktal deer salami from Seiser Butcher – Gurktal
  • Air-dried meats from Seiser Butcher – Gurktal
  • Mortadella and seasonal ham specialties from Frierss Butcher – Villach

Spice Market

  • Sea salt in various variations (vanilla-lavender, saffron, smoked orange)
  • Herb salts
  • Sea salt from Piran
  • Pepper variations (Assam long pepper, Tasmanian mountain pepper, cubeb pepper)

Food for the kids

Children dine at the family-friendly Hotel Feuerberg as they and their parents prefer. If they cannot find something suitable in the extensive offerings of the gourmet pension, we also have specially prepared children's dishes available. During holiday periods, we set up a separate children's buffet. Outside of school holidays, kid-friendly meals are served upon request.

Interesting facts about our Restaurant

Intolerances and Allergens

At our breakfast buffet, as well as the antipasti and salad buffet, you can select and customize the foods that are suitable for you. Our staff is available to provide you with more information about the dishes and ingredients. Please inquire about our head chef on the day of your arrival. He will be happy to discuss the dishes that are suitable for you.

To better accommodate your preferences and needs, we kindly request that you inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of booking.

Vegetarian & vegan

If you enjoy vegetarian or meatless dining, you can indulge at Feuerberg. Every evening, a vegetarian main course is prepared. There are also many meatless dishes available at the appetizer buffet.

We are happy to prepare vegan dishes (appetizers, main courses, desserts) for you. To ensure that we can prepare these dishes carefully, please provide us with this information upon arrival.

Coffee and cake

Between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm, we offer coffee and cake at the bar – freshly made from the Feuerberg Patisserie. Please note that coffee and cake are NOT included in the half board.

Has our half board whetted your appetite for more?

Enjoy a culinary holiday in Carinthia, right in the heart of the Gerlitzen Alpe hiking and skiing area, and let our kitchen team pamper you from morning to evening.

Feel free to inquire with us or book directly at the best price.

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Vorspeisen-Buffet der Verwöhnpension im Mountain Resort Feuerberg auf der Gerlitzen Alpe in Kärnten