We are fire, mountain and flame!

The Mountain Resort Feuerberg as an employer: Moving forward together with united strength!

Approximately 160 employees form the foundation of Feuerberg's success. Without their enthusiasm, dedication, and excellent teamwork, we would not be where we are today. In return, our employees enjoy a respectful atmosphere and have a committed employer for whom the team – the Feuerberg Family – is of the utmost importance. Private and professional aspects go hand in hand in this regard. Isabella and Erwin Berger, along with Director Andy Feichter, personally stand for these values.

Here at Feuerberg, work brings joy. And this joy is also felt by our guests. Take a look at HolidayCheck or TripAdvisor to see what our guests are saying about Feuerberg.

Thank you to all the Feuerbergler for this!

TOP-Arbeitgeber 2023

This is how we think at Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Atmosphere is everything (if not even more)

Our industry thrives on "harmony." That's why it's so important that things are in sync behind the scenes as well. The atmosphere within the team is the cornerstone of Feuerberg. That's why we do everything to cherish it and practice respectful interaction daily. Even though we know that we never stop learning in the process.

Generosity: The world thrives on giving

Feuerberg is known for its generous offerings. Our guests enjoy an unparalleled abundance. It is only natural for us that this abundance is also available to all those who work here on a daily basis. This includes access to all recreational facilities such as pools, saunas, fitness center, sports and climbing hall, etc., as well as a generous staff catering. But it also extends to how we work together during our shifts. We not only ask our guests, "How can I help you?" but also strive for this feeling in our collaboration with each other.

We love the open togetherness

At Feuerberg, people of all ages, diverse genders, and many nationalities work together. It goes without saying that this is not always easy. However, what everyone understands is that we stand for diversity. Differences exist and are welcomed. Thus, we tirelessly work on maintaining a respectful interaction. Ideally, the young learn from the old, and the old learn from the young, without considering their own perspective as the only correct one.

Living joyfully.

Fun cannot be prescribed - but one can create circumstances that make life easier. That's what we stand for. And work should be enjoyable! When the "flow" sets in...what a delightful feeling.

Taking responsibility and being challenged go hand in hand

We all want to create something and make meaningful contributions to a greater whole. We firmly believe in this. Therefore, everyone in the team is fully challenged. We work at a fast pace and with the desire to achieve something great. Each individual plays an exceptionally important role in this process of creating value through their actions and personality. It is exciting not to be just a number, but a person who matters. And we say: "Can't be done" is not an option – solutions matter.

Feeling Success

Success - as the word itself suggests - is something that follows. We are happy that together we have been able to write an unprecedented success story in recent years. This comes with a sense of humility, as we know that it is not something to be taken for granted, and we strive for it every day. Often, it means questioning what has worked before, listening closely to our guests, and being just as open to ideas that come from the team. It challenges us to constantly seek improvements and sometimes make incredible mistakes because we dared to try something new and were courageous. Bravo! This is the fabric that has brought us to where we are now.

Kitchen visions

Kevin Granegger

"We place special importance on collaborating with regional agriculture. Over 80% of our products are already sourced from small gourmet producers in the Alpe-Adria region. With our project '2020,' we are taking it a step further and consistently transitioning our kitchen to focus on 'healthy regional' products. For this new challenge, we are looking for enthusiastic support."

What a drama

Theater performances, learning stays in top companies worldwide, and the leadership academy: At Feuerberg, it's not just about expertise; personal development is also highly emphasized.